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Spesifikasi MESIN BUBUT CH430X1000

Lathe Machine CH430 x 1000


  • 12 steps spindle speed to shorten the processing time of all size workpieces. (3 steps for variable series)

  • 58 mm spindle bore which allows larger mandrels to be machined.

  • Stand – alone electrical box with overload protection device is easier to maintain and safety.

  • No need to exchange the gear while switching the system by using this common use gearbox which also has advantages like with low noise, safety cutting protection device on gear and using cycling lubrication system.

  • All the gears in headstock are carburized by heat treatment and grinded accurately in order to extend life of lathe.

  • Strong tailstock with large shaft diameter, special design center and anti-stroke device to prevent the tailstock sleeve dropping of.

  • Closed – type oil immersion system which provides better lubricating results in Apron.

  • Longer tool holer travel to meet the processing needs.

  • Foundation bed is made by one piece molding and the bed is grinded accurately and made by high – frequency heat treatment.

  • Foot emergency stop device which could also cut off the main power at the same time to ensure the safety of the operator and lathe.

  • Gap could be removed accordingly to machining langerworkpieces.



Lathe CH430 x 1000 specification :


Lthe :                                      

Center height                                      215 mm

Swing over bed                                    430 mm

Swing over gap                                    660 mm

Swing over cross slide                         245 mm

Distance between centers                   1.000 mm

Bed width                                          300 mm                      

Bed length                                         1.950 mm


Spindle :

Spindle bore diameter                         58 mm

Spindle nose                                      A1-6 or D1-6

Spindle taper                                      MT#6

Spindle speed                                    20⁓2.000 RPM (12 steps)                  

Spindle Speed *Variable series            H : 586⁓2.300 RPM   M : 157⁓586 RPM

                                                        U : 20⁓157 RPM (3 steps)


Carriage :

Cross slide travel                                 250 mm

Tool holder travel                                 180 mm

Cutting tool size                                  25 x 25 mm


Tailstock :

Spindle diameter                                 58 mm

Spindle travel                                     150 mm

Center taper                                       MT#4


Threading & Feeding :

System                                             Metric, Inch, Mixed

Dia, of leadscrew                               Dia. 35                        

(Metric) pitch of leadscrew                  6 mm/pitch

(Inch) pitch of leadscrew                     4 TPI

Metric pitch threads                           0.5⁓7 mm (22 kinds)

Inch pitch threads                              4⁓56 TPI(36 kinds)

Module pitch threads                         0.5⁓3.5 M.P. (12 kinds)

Pitch thread diameter                         8⁓56 D.P. (21 kinds)

Longitudinal feeds                              0.05⁓0.07 mm/rev

Cross feeds                                       0.025⁓0.35 mm/rev


Motor :

Main motor                                         5 HP

Inverter motor *Variable series              7.5 HP

Coolant pump motor                           1/8 HP


Floor space (Length x Width)                    210*65 cm     

Net weight                                              1.600 kgs

Pallet size (Length x Width x Height)        227*103*172 cm




VISI INDOTAMA SEJAHTERA telah bekerja sama dengan beberapa pabrikan mesin industri logam untuk memenuhi kebutuhan para Customer dalam hal kebutuhan LATHE MACHINE (mesin bubut).


Sebagai lokal partner dan Distributor resmi maka kami menyediakan Technical Support yang cukup handal untuk melayani para Customer setia kami.


VISI INDOTAMA SEJAHTERA  adalah stockist dan supplier metrial teknik untuk Industri Logam dan kebutuhan Maintenance. Dengan pelayanan terbaik kami serta dukungan teknik yang baik pula maka kami siap melayani dan menjadi partner andalan untuk maju bersama anda.


Berikut ini sektor industri yang telah kami layani:

1. Houseware industry.

2. Steel and Non Ferro industry

3. Glass industry

4. Jewellery industry.

5. Automotive part industry.

6. Mould & Die industry.

7. Precision Engineering industry.

8. Marine Products industry.

9. Food and Medicine Industry.


Jika anda membutuhkan informasi yg lain silahkan lihat di www.visiindotama.com





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