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EAJ 911  (Anti-Seize Super High Temp Grease)
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Prevents Rust and Corrosion

Prevents Welding and Seizure

Trouble-Free and Easy Dismantling without Destruction

Excellent Sealing Properties

Excellent Resistance to Water and Moisture

Flows Evenly and will not Harden, Evaporate or Settle Out

Safe to use on all metals such as Aluminium, Steel, Copper,

Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, and even Plastics.

EAJ 911 is a multi-functional non-melt super high temperature and high extreme pressure anti-seize compound/paste. A new formula compounded with sub micron metallic copper, molybdenum disulfide, solid graphite and other proprietary anti-seize particles and additives package. The particles present are inert and will not evaporate at extreme temperature and their heat resistant properties prevent carbon fusion and seizure to temperature of up to 2102 o F (1150 o C). It is also produced from high quality base stocks to prevent oil separation and infinite shelf life.

EAJ 911 prevent rust, corrosion, galling and seizure and reduces wear between metal parts even operating at extreme high temperature and high load. This anti-seize compound is specially designed to provide an insulating layer between metals so that maintenance are free from breakage and easy dismantling of lubricated parts - valves,  chassis mountings,  cylinder heads,  threaded fasteners (bolts and nuts) etc. It will also resist galvanic attack even in the presence of strong chemicals and put metal parts under protection.

EAJ 911 Super High Temperature and EP Compound/Paste is highly recommended for lubrication of oven doors, boiler hinges, boiler cover, chains, ropes, levers, spark plugs (plugs thread), threaded parts, bushings, disc brake pads,




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