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EAJ 9008 EP  (Calcium Sulfonate High Temp Grease)
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  • Excelent performance to conditions were hot and wet.
  • Very high load carrying capacity.
  • Excellent resistance to water and corrosion

Good water resistance is a desirable prerequisite property in applications employing calcium sulfonate grease as the lubricant. In particular, steel mills, motor-operated valves and food processing are areas where there have been significant use of calcium sulfonate greases. The calcium sulfonate greases used for such applications are characterized by the desirable high temperature performance, high EP, good wear, good rust and corrosion, as well as good water resistance properties.



General applications for calcium sulfonate greases include automotive, agricultural, construction, food, industry, mining, paper manufacturing and steel mills. Specific automotive applications include chassis, ball joints, universal joints and wheel bearings. Industrial applications include continuous casters, conveyors, ball mills, crushers, off-shore and underwater applications.

Applications that fit this category include marine environments, suspension bridges, automotive or other applications exposed to salt conditions.For steel mill applications, calcium sulfonate greases are superior because they have good high temperature stability, good water resistance and inherent EP and anti-wear properties.




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