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EAJ 7000  (Lithium Complex)
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EAJ 7000 / EAJ 7000 EP  is a high performance multi-purpose lithium based grease suitable for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications. It is engineered to provide a long service life in a broad range of applications.  

EAJ 7000 / EAJ 7000 EP is fortified with a multifunctional polymer,  rust and corrosion inhibitors to give protection for a wide range of applications and service conditions. It has good oxidation resistance.

EAJ 7000 / EAJ 7000 EP is recommended for industrial machineries, rolling element bearings in steel mills, quarry, marine, agricultural,  mining, construction machinery, drilling, conveyors, elevators, chains, pulleys, cranes, shafts, automotive applications etc.




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